It’s funny. My English homework is to make a blog entry. I make every day blog entries, so it shouldn’t be very hard.

First I thought about do make an entry about my journey to Leipzig, but I have already wrote about it so often and there are some things left, which I want to but into a conclusion-entry, which will make the end to the Games Convention entry series, but I want to make that in German. Another thought was to make an entry about my day in diary-style, but my day wasn’t very interesting and so it wouldn’t make much sense to blog about it.

Finally I decided to write about blogging, because I mean, that not everybody in my class really know what blogging means. It won’t be a professional description, but it should only show what blogging could mean.

For many people a Blog means an online-diary, but in reality that was just the beginning of blogs. Today there are many different forms.

So let us see what Wikipedia says about blogs: Blog is the contraction universally used for weblog, a type of website where entries are made, displayed in a reverse chronological order.

And that’s it. You could write about all you want. It doesn’t matter if you write about your life, about a special topic or just post every day a poem. You can post an entry every five minutes or every month. There are entries with just an word and other with thousands of sentences. Some blogs are written by more than one author. Some bloggers even don’t write, but the draw.

There are only two things, which are important for blogs. The reversed chronological order and, that there are entries.

Blogs are "located” in the, so called, Blogosphere. Many German authors call it "Kleinbloggerdorf”. That means that many blogger know each other through their blogs and they read each other and also write sometimes about an entry from someone else.

It’s a very interesting topic and you can’t ever know all connections and it’s often hard to understand the whole construct. There are so many more things you can know about blogs, but it’s late and I want to go to bed.

That’s one of the best things in blogs. You haven’t to do anything you don’t like and so you can, for example, stop an entry whenever you want and go to bed.

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  1. Avatar von Anonymer User

    Somehow you blundered one misspelling or two, or several in fact. Never mind though, most importantly, you’ve got a text that you have evidently written yourself. ^^

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