The main color in your furrow is PURPLE. Purple color sits on the eyes of a person, and is a symbol of esthetics and fantasy. A typical purple person is vague, thoughtful and sensual. A person who is purple usually catches him/herself dreaming in the middle of the day, and often has a colourful fantasy. Therefore purple people are usually very artistic; musical or good at expressing themselves verbally or in paintings. Purple people can get scared of dark or bad forces, as sometimes their fantasy can take over and be a bit too violent, but when controlled the fantasy can lead to magnificent pieces of work. Purple people imagine them in situations where they are the heroes in a fantasy world; they have lots of energy and power, which does not necessarily come out dominating or violent, on the contrary purple people are peaceful and pleasant. Because of the numerous fantasies and false pictures of the world purple people can sometimes get frustrated when not meeting the criteria they build up for themselves. This can lead to low self esteem and depression. Purple people value both inner and outer beauty, and usually they choose ideals as comparison points with themselves, and wish to look like or become more and more as the ideal hero or famous figure. Purple people can be difficult to understand, but they are also difficult to change. Once the purple person lets someone into their fantasy world it becomes a great adventure, and when seeing the world through the eyes of a purple person the world will never be the same again. Purple people are loving and sympathetic, but if their artistic needs are not satisfied they can be slightly egocentric. Purple people are beautiful, talented and interesting "population” once being given the entry to their reality.

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